Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ian Rankin new Rebus book interview in Perth

Rebus Creator Ian Rankin Interview

When I was asked to interview prolific Edinburgh crime novelist Ian Rankin, who can boast writing one blockbuster each year for approximately the last 24 years,  I wondered if it would be humanly possible to read just one in 24 hours having never read any of them. I decided no it wasn't.  But we could have a chat anyway.
Having done my research, I realised we had loads in common. He drinks beer, I don't. He loves rock music, I don't. He lives in Edinburgh....and I don't.  I just knew we would hit it off. So away I went making my way through the snow in my favourite high-heeled suede boots - yes I said suede and snow in the same breath - as  confidence was needed to meet one of the world's top twenty authors signing his latest offering Standing In Another Man's Grave. It never fails to surprise me when interviewing famous people, how surprisingly non-famous they surprisingly are if you catch my drift.  As I waited in a freezing cold badly lit corridor with only our little camera crew for company and debating if my nose really would look that blue on screen, the janitor ambled towards us. I was just about to ask him what time he expected Rankin and his entourage to arrive and if there was any chance of a wee cup of tea, when he said: "I believe someone is waiting to interview me".  
In my defence, it was a particularly dark corridor with a strange red bulb that cast a shadowy hue over anyone over 5' 5"- in other words taller than me. And tall Mr Rankin most certainly is.
However, his esteemed height was not the only enlightening factor. Ian Rankin was graciously engaging and appeared genuinely interested in what he was being asked despite the fact that he has probably answered the same old questions more times than you could shake a paperback at.
As I shook hands with him and thanked him for giving us his time and to let him get ready for his talk to the amassing throngs, I happened to glance down at his feet.  In the next instant our eyes locked. We both knew and understood with a barely imperceptible nod. I wasn't the only one wearing my suede confidence that snowy night!
View the whole Ian Rankin interview

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